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2135 S Winchester Blvd
Campbell, CA 95008


Monday – Saturday | 7am – 6pm
Sunday | 7am – 3pm

Christmas Eve - Early Closure | 7am - 3pm

Christmas Day - CLOSED



– Campbell Coffee House –

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About us

Campbell Coffee House opened in November 2018. The vision is to create a space that balances both the need of being a parent and the need of being an adult. Instilling in your life a positive reinforcement tool that creates a balance in our regular routine that no other place has ever done before.


Campbell Coffee House interior reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also accommodating families with small children. By focusing on sustainability as well as security, our attention to detail provides a reflection of the world our children will want to inherit.

Why We Differ - Infant/Toddler Enrichment that focuses on Parental Resilience

We have formed a specialized membership program that does what memberships are created to do. Supply ample perks to its members. Our program is unique because it provides enriching programs that actually make a difference. To us, Parents come first. It’s that simple. Click here to find out more.



2135 S Winchester Blvd
Campbell, CA 95008


Stay Social

Campbell Coffee House is about combining local coffee, Family, Food, and Tech under one roof! We use our social media platforms to build rapport with families, single parents, tech entrepreneurs, working class individuals, college students aspiring to be in a creative workspace.

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Directly Sourced Coffee

Tico Coffee Roasters craft roast sustainable, exclusive and unique Grand Cru coffees in very small batches guaranteeing product freshness and consistency. Driven by a passion for excellence, only the best Arabica green coffees are sourced by Tico Coffee Roasters.

Mariana grew up in the province of Heredia in the heart of the coffee lands in Costa Rica surrounded by coffee plantations and has built her career in Costa Rica as an Agricultural Economist before she moved to the US.

Her partner and husband Thomas grew up in Germany and has spent most of his career in engineering, which comes in very handy for the craftsmanship of roasting coffee.

Tico Coffee Roasters is named to honor the heritage of Costa Rican coffee growers and to reflect the origins of Mariana and her love for coffee.


Our Organic Dairy

Founded in 1994, Straus Family Creamery is a mission-driven, family-owned-and-operated business dedicated to making premium organic dairy products, with minimal processing. The Straus Dairy Farm and Creamery, located in the small town of Marshall on the Northern California Coast, was the first certified organic dairy farm west of the Mississippi River and the first 100% certified organic creamery in the United States.

In addition to the Straus Dairy Farm, Straus Family Creamery buys certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified milk from eight other organic family farms in Northern California’s Marin and Sonoma Counties. The combination of rich soil, one of the nation’s most diverse grassland systems, and a mild coastal climate create the ideal setting for organic dairy farming. Land stewardship and sustainable farming are deeply rooted principles in certified organic farming practices.


The Local Honey

MNHCo is about rescuing bees and growing them to be strong, sustainable hives. Honey is a by product, not a goal. The Bee’s were rescued and now have a permanent home in Campbell. The Bee’s pollinate our flowers, plants, and provide great Honey Latte’s at our Coffee House in Campbell. Sporting the one and only Honey Oat Milk Latte. The best ingredients locally sourced and produced right here.