It's the Little Things

I had a long morning with my 18 month old. We went to a park for a few hours, and then to music class. I was exhausted. I had a little downtime during her nap, but I needed more! Most of the indoor play areas we visit are closed in the afternoons. Fortunately, that’s not the case at Campbell Coffee House.

On the drive over, I felt so eager to get there. I felt so much relief when we pulled into the parking lot. My daughter made a beeline for the play kitchen the moment we set foot in the play area. She loved opening and closing all the cabinets and playing with all the pots and pans. I just love seeing her play on her own and watch her figure things out.

She came over to me for a hug, and went to the slide with a small ball pit and maze. She squealed every time she watched the balls zig zag their way down to the pit. She climbed up the steps, but wasn’t quite ready to go down the slide. Instead, she played with the ball pit a bit more.

Since my daughter was occupied, I actually found a moment to sit down and write in my planner. I definitely couldn’t do that at home, she’d be climbing all over me. Something about being somewhere new, a change in scenery seems to do the trick. I loved being able to watch her play and have some much needed and deserved me time! After I had some delicious coffee and a tasty smoked salmon dagwood, and my daughter a small snack, we headed home.

There’s really no better feeling than hearing your baby sing and babble away on the drive home. Between playing with my daughter, watching her play on her own and having time to myself and a warm meal on top of all that, I felt a sense of accomplishment. It was truly a successful afternoon!

Excerpt from Bianca’s Blog