Keep On - Keeping On!

Sometimes, as moms. We find ourselves in a physical vs mental battle. Ok… Not sometimes, most of the time, maybe even all of the time!

Even when we are sitting on the couch at home, and one of our little one’s is napping on top of us. We are fighting against ourselves.

I really should be doing the dishes or laundry right now, but if I move, she might wake up. Well, maybe if I let her sleep for 30 minutes, and then get up, she will stay asleep.

But what if a dish falls or the laundry door slams out of habit. She will probably wake up crankier than when she fell asleep. Then both of our days will be ruined.

By the time we have convinced ourselves that it’s worth a try, after-all, you, I mean your spouse, can’t shower without a clean towel… We are lucky if we can at least get 10 minutes of sorting done. Or, we have exhausted ourselves so much from the well fought battle, that we just end up zoning out on whatever is on tv or our phone. (If we were lucky enough to have it in hand when our little one fell asleep.)

It’s a constant cycle that happens every day. Our working counterpart comes home and wonders what we have been doing all day. We honestly can’t even think of the answer because our mind has forgotten the battle we put ourselves through all day. So we say the usual. “Not as much as I would have liked to do. How was your day?”

This is an experience I know all too well. This is why I created CCH, or Just Right, in the first place. It’s not about what’s physically in front of you. It’s about what you are mentally capable of doing because so many other distractors are now off your radar.

It’s about your needs and your child’s needs. That is why I constantly tell people. This is NOT a kid’s cafe. This is an adult space that welcomes and encourages your child to act like children. This is a space, trying to change the perspective of what it means to have multiple generations under one roof, and being ok with it. (Like times used to be.)

Now, parents actually have the opportunity to get work done if they choose. Or not get any work done and enjoy being present with their little one. Finish the book they started 2 years ago and forgot about. Catch up on emails or dare I say it, make a phone call. Yes, our phones still do that! Or best idea of all, have a real, less distracted, conversation with another human being!

It’s truly a unique experience you can only have when you come to CCH. It’s something I fought hard to make happen, because I know, firsthand, what it’s like to become isolated in your own head. Nothing good can come out of that.

Whether you meet your next best friend, or just enjoy some well deserved downtime, a healthy meal option, a cup of hot coffee! Whatever your me time requires. We want to be that space that’s all about Y-O-U!

That’s why, with my Faith in God for putting this will in my heart. The look on older generations faces lighting up when they see a little person playing. The relieved look on parent’s faces when they are ready to leave after experiencing the true purpose of the space. (Yes we have to charge. This is Campbell, California for goodness sakes.)

I believe once this space is full of all types of individuals, just naturally loud with conversation you won’t even realize the child’s space is there when you come in the door. (It’s a little obvious right now.)

But despite the pushback. Despite the days when I wonder if next month is going to go as planned. God sends someone in who tells me. Just keep on - keeping on. So I do. And so should you. Because you’re worth it!