Just Breathe

My daughter and I are enrolled in a mommy & me gym class, which offers makeups for missed days. The class that we went to for the makeup was completely night & day from our regular class. The teacher was low energy & seemed to be going through the motions, compared to our warm and kind instructor. The other parents and children also kept to themselves. No one talked to each other at all, which made for an unwelcoming environment.

This is the moment I felt a pit in my stomach. Suddenly, I reverted into my awkward middle school self. I wondered why no one was talking to us, even when I smiled & waved at the other parents, or complemented their children on their cute outfits. Why didn’t the teacher seem pleasant? Why did these parents keep to themselves? Was it something I did? Was I not dressed nicely enough? Maybe it was because I wasn’t wearing makeup. Maybe that’s why I was given the cold shoulder.

I caught myself in the middle of this negative self talk, and told myself to take a breath and calm down. I reminded myself that class is almost over, and to just focus on my daughter until the end of class and to not worry about anyone else. I remembered that the gym I go to was open and that I could utilize their free daycare so I could regroup.

Those negative thoughts kept creeping up while I was driving, and I kept telling myself “just get to the gym” over and over again. Once we got there, I felt a little better after being greeted with smiles from the front desk and the childcare workers. After dropping my daughter off, I made my way back to the lobby, where I took out my ever present notebook & started journaling about my experience at the mommy & me class, just to let off some steam.

Just taking a step back to breathe, regroup, and get all my thoughts out of my head and onto the paper worked wonders for my mood. It takes some practice, but taking a step back to breathe works wonders.