All photography provided by Marvin Gabriel

Every Step Matters


At Campbell Coffee House, we believe in quality over quantity.

Our mission is to create a space that cultivates a wealth of local, sustainable, and organic products. To be the best in the Bay, we want to house the best in the Bay.

Each of our menu items are made-to-order knocking “fast-food” on their behind with the quality in which we serve our customers.



Our unique and welcoming vibe is quickly becoming the neighborhood gem.

Our SPECIALTY COFFEE PROGRAM + the best AVOCADO TOAST and Brand New TUNA MELT = the best reason to make the drive down to Campbell, CA.



We host a 320square foot toddler space but that doesn’t make us a children’s cafe. We are the very definition of what FAMILY FRIENDLY DINING should look like. We don’t fit the norm, because every child is different and requires just a little more distraction than a simple piece of paper and crayon.

Play Hours:

Please Note:

Monday - Tuesday, Friday - Saturday:

8am - 4:30pm (Exit at 5:30pm)

Wednesday - Thursday: 8am - 2pm (Exit at 3pm)

We charge a maintenance fee for our toddler’s space:

$5/30 Minutes — $18/Day Pass —

$35/Monthly Pass (Unlimited Play)

Limited to 8 Children at a time (members may call ahead to reserve a spot) — ID’s Required at check in


Shhh… I need a little quiet

Every Wednesday and Thursday Evening

4pm - 9pm

We host special Quiet Study Hours

Grab a Golden Latte a Tuna Melt and get your study on.