You can make a difference. 

What really make’s specialty coffee unique is that we are mom and pop coffee shops looking to BE different and MAKE a difference.

We support both coffee and dairy farmers by purchasing above fair trade and roasting/steaming their products to bring out the best flavor possible.

We do not appreciate it when the product itself cannot stand on it’s own after so many people have put in the effort to produce that product. We believe that every stage of the process matters, from seed to cup, hand to hand, it all matters.



Take the time to learn more about what goes into the production of your favorite source of caffeine. Whether coffee or tea, someone, somewhere, had to have put in some time and effort to get it to where it is today.


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about what you learn. Tell them to support local businesses, because without your support, we cannot survive.

We at Campbell Coffee House believe Specialty Coffee is about community and ethics.

Whether you are paying us a visit, or our friends at Living Room Craft Coffee down the street. At the end of the day, we are of like mindedness and should support one another.